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Data migration to the cloud

... Intelligently...

There is no better time to refactor, better define, and improve design database requirements in your data models than during your migration to the cloud.

We use data governance best practices for operational data stores and data warehouse business intelligence using 3NF and star/snowflake schema design methods.

We will also work with you to deploy active-active (bi-directional) or active-passive (uni-direction) data replication capabilities to provide a data migration solution that allows for minimal disruption to your DevOps enviroments. Even if your data replication needs involve multiple database vendors, we can still assist you with our tools and technology.

Additionally, on an as-needed basis, we will define and create business applications with industry standard Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) using Quarkus and our Kogito-based  XtremeCloud Business Process Management (BPM)  Suite product.

In cloud environments, we can help you define and design application process specifications with business rules (Drools) with industry standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) tools to automate the generation of executable code with data persistence. 

We offer Kafka-based Kubernetes pods for stream processing publishing and consumption from various databases and Java-based microservices.  This includes our XtremeCloud Business Process Management (BPM) Suite product that consumes the data stream into executing business processes.

With years of experience with major Cloud Service Providers (CSP), and decades of database and data migration experience, we can deliver a single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid-cloud application solution that is second to none.

In the data migration area we have in-depth database knowledge, including the use of leading-edge tools like Oracle GoldenGate, and the experience to migrate your data to the cloud. With our data replication techniques, we'll keep it consistent between on-premise and the public or virtual private cloud. We excel in replication of data, synchronization of data, consistency of data, availability of data, and in the detection and healing of network partitions. We fully understand that data is the lifeblood of your company  and we can help you move it, preserve it, and protect it.