pods, ports, and Protocols

It's very difficult to keep them all straight. What's proxied, what's exposed, what's routed, just what is what, and what is where. Although software-defined network has changed the landscape of the modern data center or cloud, it is often-times confusing to follow the packet flows. 

Our Enterprise  Deployment Configurations (EDC) are essential to keeping this clear and understandable. They aid in the configuration, deployment, maintenance, and operations troubleshooting when issues arise. Of course, issues will arise. Count on it. They always do.

The sample below gives you an idea of the level of detail included our formal documentation that is provided to you when you subscribe to our Products and Services.

jBPM Architecture 

Eupraxia Labs Enterprise Deployment COnfiguration Diagram (EDCD)

Containers, pods, Ports, and Protocols