Cockpit Enhancements

Come fly with us.

With the F/OSS Eupraxia Labs Cockpit Plugins, your SysAdmin and ClusterAdmin tasks are simplified.

We make use of a number of bundled libraries that are included with Cockpit, such as Patternfly and JQuery.

With SSH Import ID, for example, you can easily add your SSH public key to any host under the control of Cockpit.

With the ReShifter plugin in Cockpit, you can readily backup and restore a Kubernetes or OpenShift Cluster state. This is more like state management of the cluster than traditional backup and restore functionality. If you would prefer to deploy the ReShifter container to a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster, that capability also exists. In fact, we include ReShifter in our Kubernetes Atomic Cluster (KAC) 1.6.4 and our OpenShift Atomic Cluster (OAC) 1.5.  

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