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Multi-Cloud  (Active-Active) Deployments


With our recommended Terraс(loud)Plane  stack, arguably, Eupraxia Labs is delivering an opinionated application development stack. What we really are delivering are much needed standards that makes up any organization's DevOps or, more specifically, a Microservices Center of Excellence (COE). DevOps and DevSecOps, when guided by a COE approach that establishes standards, not only delivers optimized solutions, it allows for the exchange of all skills amongst any team delivering enterprise-wide microservices. The ebb and flow of any agile team likely requires an infusion of skills in high-intensity sprints.

Even though Eupraxia Labs has standardized on what we believe to be the most optimal way to gain maturity, for a Microservices Architecture, Style, or Ecosystem, we have the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements. We're happy to discuss those at any time in any mutual discovery that might be taking place or in a Professional Services engagement.

Learn how to use Free or Open Source (F/OSS) Eupraxia Labs products, services, solutions, and tools with the features, capabilities and facilities needed to achieve the desired business value. Knowledge sharing from experienced Eupraxia Labs solution experts will help you to define and adopt a container-based F/OSS Cloud Reference Architecture (CRA) that will reduce costs, streamline project implementations, and optimize continuous integration/continuous delivery into your production (PROD) environments.

Eupraxia Labs Professional Services offers the Microservices Architecture (MSA) COE-enablement, under our Accelerate Your Success Services (AYSS) umbrella, to realize the full benefits of an MSA implementation in the shortest time conceivable. You can quickly establish a private, public, or hybrid cloud technical foundation and implementation capability to dramatically increase program and project productivity across the entire enterprise.

Enhancing communications with stakeholders, through an MSA governance framework, will help to ensure the successful implementation of any Eupraxia Labs and/or third party cloud-based product or service. When delivered with the proper amount of discipline, an MSA will help your applications evolve more rapidly, make your applications more portable than ever, and make those same applications more adaptable than ever imagined. Whether they are for private or public consumption, your applications will achieve heightened business value and help you realize returns-on-investment (ROI) at record levels.

Learn more about our microservices approach and best practices that will accelerate your success in delivering cloud-native applications.

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