XtremeCloud Cost Controller (XCCC)

Manage your Multi-Cloud Costs

Organizations are adding public cloud infrastructure to their on-premises virtual and private cloud environments as part of their digital transformation. With the shift to public cloud, the operational expenses are increasing, causing a shift in the balance of IT capital and operational expenses. We help your buyers of public cloud services throughout your organization manage the challenge of cloud costs and utilization. 

With a single view of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure expenditures, we will enable you to track and analyze infrastructure costs and utilization, identify wasted spending, and forecast future costs. The ability to easily simulate migrations to the public cloud providers and compare on-premises and public cloud infrastructure costs helps you to run your applications on the most cost-efficient infrastructure.

We will provide you with the user interface to globally load balance your selected multi-cloud service providers and the dashboards to show spend rates on infrastructure and run-time XtremeCloud Applications. Achieve the best Service Level Agreements (SLA) at the best price with the XtremeCloud Cost Controller.


Release Date - expected 3QCY2021

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