Release 4.1

Available in Q4CY2021

With  XtremeCloud  Dynamic Rendering and Extensible Application Methodology (DREAM), Eupraxia Labs is  offering an ever-evolving vision of delivering a low-code platform that is business-oriented and inclusive of business people and software developers throughout your enterprise.  XtremeCloud DREAM is more than a software delivery methodology, it is a combination of software, business process modeling and management, collababorative engagements, and a governance methodology. From modeling in a graphical user interface and rapidly deploying to the executing solution, to embedded workflows in a cloud-native microservice, you will achieve unparalleled productivity and reduced time-to-market. Markets are captured and missions are achieved unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The  XtremeCloud DREAM  documentation repository is available to any company that has subscribed to the XtremeCloud BPM Suite product or has signed a Professional Services contract with Eupraxia Labs for two (2) weeks or more.