Industry-specific docker scans

base images and applications


scanned, Signed, sealed, and delivered

by industry security standards  (DISA/stig, cjis, cs2)

Scanned and Ready

By employing Eupraxia Labs' CyberSAFE solutions, you are applying security forward in your enterprise IT strategy and protecting valuable data and services.

Our images are all scanned by host-based OpenSCAP tools and network-based OpenVAS (Nessus) tools with industry-specific profiles.

As a publisher of Docker images, before we push any of our scanned images to a Docker registry, we have one of our Atomic Hosts sign the image with our private key. When our customers later pull this image from any of our Docker registries, or one of their own, they can use their own pipeline process to verify our public key.  They can confirm that the image that is about to run is exactly what Eupraxia Labs created, that it has not been tampered with, and that it is entirely up-to-date.

Customize Our Images As Your Own

Our Docker images are all free. Should you decide to extend or integrate our images further, we'll help you digitally sign your own images.

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The security posture of systems used in our nation's critical infrastructure and war fighting systems is paramount and tantamount to any measurable level of success in the modern age. With increasing complexity and connectivity comes increased risk. Securing systems quickly, consistently, and at scale has long been the requirement but not the reality.

The only reasonable way to solve this problem is through various degrees of automation. Ansible provides key capabilities that make it ideal for ensuring the secure configuration of a system is maintained throughout its service life. Ansible's agentless, push-based architecture combined with the simple and maintainable playbook syntax allow for rapid response to new threats and easier maintenance of complex security standards over any projected timeline.

Any CentOS 7-based Docker image, provided by Eupraxia Labs, is remediated with the latest Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Mitre Corporation. The CVEs will be applicable to the industry such as HIPAA, DOD/STIG, CJIS, and more.