ELO: Kubernetes Atomic Cluster (KAC)


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ELO: Kubernetes Atomic Cluster 1.5.2

Generally Available

  • Based on CentOS 7 Atomic Host

  • F/OSS Installer from Eupraxia Labs

  • Provision KVM-based Atomic Host virtual machines in seconds

  • Add additional Kubernetes worker nodes in minutes

  • Hyper-converged GlusterFS Cluster

  • Traefik Load Balancer with auto-provisioned Let's Encrypt Digital Certificates


ELO: Kubernetes Atomic Cluster 1.6.4

4th Quarter 2017 Availability

  • Based on CentOS 7Atomic Host

  • Highly Available (HA) Cluster with multiple masters and multiple etcd

  • Uses Kubernetes official 'kubespray' installer

  • Hyper-converged GlusterFS Cluster

  • Cluster-wide Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) 

  • Helm Charts for easy installation of systems-related functionality

  • F/OSS Traefik load balancer with auto-provisioned Let's Encrypt Digital Certificates

  • F5 Containers Integration for managing external F5 Virtual Edition Local Traffic Manager (LTM) or hardware appliances