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                                                                  ManageIQ is an open source management platform for Hybrid IT.

                                                                  It can manage small and large environments, and supports multiple technologies such as virtual machines, public clouds and Docker containers.

                                                                  ManageIQ enables you to:

                                                                  • Continuously discover the most recent state of your environment.

                                                                  • Optimize the performance and utilization of your hybrid environment.

                                                                  • Enforce compliance across the environment.

                                                                  Architected for Enterprises

                                                                  significantly enhance Kubernetes and openshift origin management
                                                                  Odoo CMS - a big picture
                                                                  Ready to Run and Roll

                                                                  Eupraxia Labs delivers ManageIQ preconfigured to manage an on-premise Kubernetes Cluster or OpenShift Origin implementation, including Atomic Host-based Container Registries and Atomic Hosts to run production quality Docker containers. If you want to further customize ManageIQ, by writing plugins, Eupraxia Labs has a PaaS-ready ManageIQ Docker image for you.