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From On-Premise to the Cloud and Beyond ... Covered

Terraс(loud)Plane  is a technology stack based on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions combined with open source DevOps tools, open source DevSecOps tools, cloud-native development features, Docker container orchestration tools, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. Your developers will develop in an environment that will closely mimic your production environment, allowing your organization to dramatically reduce business application roll-out times, updates, and upgrades. Watch developer productivity soar, testing cycle times reduced, and time-to-market drop significantly. That translates directly to increased profitability. 

Develop with an on-premise IDE,  SaaS-based IDE, or on-premises Cloud IDE and deploy to any number of Public PaaS, Private PaaS, or Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). 

Bootstrap Cloud Native Applications and Accelerate Your Success


microservices accelerate business solutions

Enterprise applications, specifically Model-View-Controller (MVC) Java EE applications deployed on traditional application servers, are usually deployed in tiers: the edge (load balancers, API Gateways), the web front-end (View) , the back-end (Controller), and shared or enterprise-wide databases (Model). Business logic is monolithically deployed into these tiers (as one giant ear containing many wars, for example) with strict controls and centralized governance to reduce risk. For scalability and high availability (HA), each of these monoliths are deployed to more servers or nodes. 

It is challenging, often times to the point of pull-your-hair frustration, to have to coordinate application updates across business units and coordinate over scheduled maintenance windows. Iterative development and a rapid reaction to marketplace feedback are clearly impossible when it takes weeks or months to roll-out new functions.

This is precisely the challenge that microservices, as an application architecture, are trying to address. How do you decouple the delivery and deployment of new function or improved application experiences to more rapidly respond to the demands of the marketplace? We'll help you answer this question for yourself.

We bring you the  Container Cloud-Native Application Development and Deployment Stack