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Cloud assessment and advisory services (Caas)


Oracle e-business Suite


Unquestionably, you are facing mounting pressure to deliver products and services to internal and external customers at the kind of pace never before experienced.

Without a well-defined and actionable cloud strategy, it will be impossible to compete in the digital economy of today.

To maximize the benefits of cloud computing, Eupraxia Labs Consulting uses a sensible, experience-based methodology with a multi-step process to accelerate your journey to the cloud. Each step you choose to take towards the Eupraxia Labs Consulting Cloud Services Framework (CSF) enables you to improve agility and elasticity, increase efficiency, and ultimately reduce cost. Participate with us, as your product velocity accelerates, with a CAAS engagement. With Eupraxia Labs, you will achieve an optimal Future State Architecture (FSA).

During a CAAS engagement, you will have the option to use a Cloud Services Catalog to provide your stakeholders with a real-time portal view of your current (as-is) state to your future state (might-be ) recommendations.  Beyond the Assessment and Advisory Stages, we will prepare you for what we call the Act Stage. We collect the type of information during the Assessment Stage that allows you to act, at your convenience, upon our recommendations through the actionable Cloud Service Catalog using the Morpheus Cloud Management Platform (CMP) We refer to this process as Triple-A (Assessment ->Advisory -> Act)

Book an online session with one of our Cloud Architects and we'll help you get started on your journey.

Additionally, we have a number of Professional Services offerings to ensure your success in the cloud.

Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) of Data to the Cloud

By using our Data Processing Hub  approach, you will experience ZERO downtime of your on-premise databases and we can keep your migrated databases in-sync after all the data has been migrated.  Even if your data replication needs involve multiple database vendors, we can still assist you with our tools and technology.  

We can work with you to deploy active-active (bi-directional) or active-passive (uni-directional) data replication capabilities to provide a data migration solution that allows for minimal disruption to your DevOps enviroments. 

Chip Away at the Monolith with our Strangler Microservices Design Pattern 

Additionally, on an as-needed basis, we can extend or integrate with your monolith and  define and create unique business applications with industry standard Business Process Management Notation (BPMN 2.0) using Quarkus and our Kogito-based  Xtreme Cloud  Business Process Management (BPM)  Suite product.

In cloud environments, we can help you define and design application process specifications with business rules (Drools) with industry standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) tools to automate the generation of executable code with data persistence. 

Data Streaming and Analytics

We offer a Kafka-based Reference Implementation (RI) known as XtremeCloud LUCI (Logically Unified Cloud Infrastructure), for data streaming and event processing, publishing, and consumption to and from various databases and microservices. 

XtremeCloud LUCI includes Kafka OAuth that uses our token-based authorization server, XtremeCloud Single Sign-On (SSO), for OIDC authentication and JSON Web Token (JWT) issuance.

With years of experience with major Cloud Service Providers (CSP), and decades of database and data migration experience, we can deliver a single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid-cloud application solution that is second to none.

In the data migration area we have in-depth database knowledge, including the use of leading-edge tools like Oracle GoldenGate, and the experience to migrate your data to the cloud. With our data replication techniques, we'll keep it consistent between on-premise and the public or virtual private cloud. We excel in replication of data, synchronization of data, consistency of data, availability of data, and in the detection and healing of network partitions. We fully understand that data is the lifeblood of your company  and we can help you move it, preserve it, extend it, and protect it.