XtremeCloud TerraCPlane - Software Factory

On-Premise/Cloud Solution Single-Site/Single Cloud or Multi-Cloud/Multi-Site

The TerraCPlane  Smart Software Factory is a DevSecOps-based application development and production run-time solution that is the basis for any organization that wants to optimize and transform themselves in a secure cloud-native ecosystem.

Industry-specific physical realizations of the Smart Software Factory are provided on a fixed-price level-of-effort (FP LOE) basis. These realizations are deployed by working with a customer-oriented Eupraxia Labs Professional Services Team to streamline application development, application migration, and the running of legacy applications in an on-premise or cloud-based cloud-native environment. A single automated management plane is provided for containers, virtual machines and bare metal, enabling you to replace multiple silos with unified infrastructure operations for both legacy and cloud-native workloads. At TerraCPlane Smart Software Factory's core is the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform (MCNP). MCNP is a turnkey zero lock-in approach that makes it easy to benefit from the best of open source innovation, with continuously delivered updates and upgrades and comprehensive infrastructure operations provided throughout your cloud’s lifecycle.

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