Cost Manager (xcCostManager)

cost-effectively balance a multi-cloud distributed workload

The Eupraxia Labs XtremeCloud Cost Manager is a full-stack application that balances the multi-cloud distributed workload of any Eupraxia Labs application, such as XtremeCloud Single Sign-On (xcSSO). XtremeCloud applications are deployed to an active-active (cross datacenter (xDC)), or multi-cloud environment. The active endpoints, or origin servers, are load-balanced by a SaaS service like Cloudflare, F5 Cloud Services, or an on-premiseF5 DNS (formerly the F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM)).

The backend of xcCostManager  consists of Spring REST controllers and Object-Relational Mappings (ORM), using Spring JPA (Hibernate),  to PostgreSQL, mySQL, or MariaDB databases. 

xcCostManager requires an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that supports the OAuth2 standard. By using Spring Security OAuth2, we avoid the all-to-often updates of the Angular and Spring client libraries (e.g., Spring-Keycloak adapters) of most IAM providers. If hundreds of microservices are deployed, the regression testing alone would bury most DevOps organizations. However, all major IAM providers keep up with the evolving OAuth2 specification. The Spring Security OAuth2 library is used to protect all REST APIs in XtremeCloud.

xcCostManager itself is an active-active application and uses Spring Cache to invalidate the xcDG web cache (XtremeCloud Data Grid - web).

The corresponding Angular-based XtremeCloud User Interface (xcUI) is protected by XtremeCloud Single Sign-On (xcSSO), a product which is based on the open source Keycloak product. In our case, we use Angular OAuth2 modules to protect the Single Page Applications (SPA). Our Angular-OAuth2 library is OpenID-certified library to connect to our xcSSO Identity Provider (IdP) using Open Identity Connect (OIDC) and to create an Access Token (JWT) to the REST APIs for role-based authorization.